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Gentle readers,

The tea menu has been posted.

Missed your chance to buy tickets? We have put up two tickets up for auction (here and here) to support SalonCon 08's charity, RAINN. Bidding starts at only a dollar! It all goes directly to charity! Help make a difference!


Possibility of SalonCon Tickets Selling Out

Gentle readers,

We have a lovely hotel with attentive staff that we essentially have the run of. We do so adore it and it's been absolutely perfect for us and we are fairly sure you will be equally pleased with it. However. The hotel is a smaller hotel and we have just discussed as a staff what our maximum number is for everyone's optimal comfort. There is a chance that our venue space may be sold out this year.

The best way to make *sure* that you have a place at SalonCon is to buy your ticket in advance.


[x-posted from salonconvention] on behalf of kinkyjesus

"Hi all, this is your friendly neighborhood Head of Security. If you wish to have a room party, that is fine (more than fine, it is great!).

We simply ask that you:
-Keep things under control. We are all about refinement, and we don't want to disturb other guests.
-Please let meself (a tall gentleman walking around with long hair and, more uniquely, a badge that says Head of Security) or the Saloncon reg desk know that you are having one, what room it is, and who is hosting it. This way, if any issues arrise, we can contact the responsible persons quickly, and if you wish to have an open party, we can direct people which rooms to head towards.

That being said, come and have fun!
Bryan (aka, Ogre to some of you)"

SalonCon Advanced Tickets

Gentle readers,

As of tomorrow, there will only be two weeks left to purchase your advanced tickets.

Just as a reminder as to what $25 will get you in this current difficult economy:

* Around half a tank of gas
* Two movie tickets
* A hardback book
* Two cds
* A dinner for two at a diner
* An inexpensive concert ticket
* Two martinis at a bar

At SalonCon, for $25 you will be getting:

* Salons with people knowledgable in their fields for intellectual discourse
* Workshops on a wide variety of topics
* A BPAL meetup
* A Chrono'nauts Parade
* Readings & Signings by renowned authors
* Ballroom dance instruction
* A Fashion Show
* Art lesson by Dr. Sketchy
* A Fashion Show
* A Burlesque Performance by White Elephant Burlesque Society
* An Abney Park concert performance
* A Fancy Dress Masked Ball
* A chance to browse vendors selling all sorts of beautiful wares you won't find at your mall, giving you a chance to support small business

I think that's a pretty good deal, if I do say so myself. As I have been discussing how SalonCon has been growing and changing and evolving, one of the things that's remained consistant and important to me is to make glamour affordable. Most of us would never have access to all of this in our daily lives, I know I never did. I wanted a chance to live out all of those period books and films I always watched with my mom, but in a modern context that addressed trying to keep the playing field even for everyone regardless of race, class, gender, religious preference, etc.

I'm so excited about how much we've grown! I can't wait to meet you all.