Deb is Consistently Inconsistent (corvaxgirl) wrote in salonannounce,
Deb is Consistently Inconsistent

News for the Upcoming Year

First of all, the next saloncon will be September 22 - September 23 at the same hotel, The Holiday Inn on Davidson Avenue in Somerset, NJ. The September 23rd date is for the informal brunch at the hotel. We are currently working with a web developer to completely re-envision the website for 2007. Expect to see that in the next week or two!

Ticket prices will be significantly lowered this year. Expect to pay $30 at the door and $20 in advance. And because we love you all here in this community that much, there will be an unannounced 24 hour ticket sale that is only announced in our two lj communities. How low will we go? Try $10 low. This will be a one time event only done here. So save your pennies!

Why no Friday? Glad you asked. The very short answer: money. We're a baby con with a baby con's budget. Want a Friday? Help us generate presales! The more presales we can get, the better the chance for a Friday.

What you can expect to see on the schedule:

- Salons, of course!
- A BPAL meetup
- Charity auction benefiting The Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation
- An authentic seance
- A Cream Tea catered by Teaberry's
- Victorian Dance Instruction
- Burlesque performed by the lovely ladies of Home of Happiness
- Fancy Dress Masked Ball
- Instruction in the Art of Fan Language

. . .and much more!
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