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Okay. It seems that SalonCon is not something that's going gently… - SalonCon Announcements Only [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
SalonCon Announcements Only

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[Jan. 5th, 2009|01:42 pm]
SalonCon Announcements Only


Okay. It seems that SalonCon is not something that's going gently into the good night. We are going to have (yet another) meeting to discuss options in feasiblity for doing a SalonCon potentially for 09.

*If* we did and *if* we fundraised sufficent funds, I think we would have it at the usual hotel (Somerset Holiday Inn). Would having it later in September help people, like say Sept. 25 - 27?

Whilst we are meeting, please put on your thinking caps as to:

1. What could we offer as gifts for donating? (which would need to be something donated to us. . .in other words if someone's like, give out socks! We would need said socks donated)

2. Do you have anything to auction off to the cause?

3. How soon would you really buy tickets/vending space?

We are *very* *very* tentatively thinking that *if* we did this, and we did not raise sufficent funds, we would either keep the money for '10 or give the money to a charity of our choice (saveours00j), depending on funds. If we did raise enough to do '09, obviously saveours00j would still be our charity and receive the usual charity efforts.

Part of our decision making process will be based on your feedback. As one of my favorite (somewhat inelegant) movies goes, "If any of you have anything to say, now's the fucking time!"

[User Picture]From: whouseknecht
2009-01-06 03:50 am (UTC)
fabricdragon and I, being vendors, will absolutely attend once we know when it's going to be. At this remove, our schedules are still flexible, so we can accommodate most dates from September through October. That being said, the sooner we find out, the sooner we can send in the requisite funds to make this happen. We can, at the very least, have a down payment of 50% of our fees to you within days of the announcement of a committed date. N.B.: any funds remitted for merchanting must be refunded if the deal falls through. While we are committed to supporting the con, being retailers we cannot have our funds tied up for so long with no prospect of recoupment.

Oh, and on behalf of fabricdragon: BPAL!
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