Deb is Consistently Inconsistent (corvaxgirl) wrote in salonannounce,
Deb is Consistently Inconsistent

Our Weapons Policy as per our Head of Security

Weapons Policy
You need to be over 18 to carry a weapon of any kind.

All weapons to be period pieces only.

Absolutely no functional firearms or projectile weapons (including bows,darts, and knives) . Period replica and steampunk weapons are allowed. Whips are permitted, but must be peace-tied.

All blades to be peace-tied and sheathed. No exceptions.

Swinging around weapons can be taken as an aggressive move and the weapon or patron can be removed from the con.

Performers (during preapproved performances) are permitted to use weapons for the performance. However, anyone performing with a weapon or carrying an unsheathed weapon shall not consume anything that could adversely affect reaction time, judgment, or agility, until after they have finished performing (with weapons).

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